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Authentic Movement



Authentic Movement is a movement meditation practiced in relationship. A "mover" follows his or her impulses to move with closed eyes while a "witness" holds a safe space and honors the mover's experience without judgement. The practice of Authentic Movement opens a doorway to the unconscious and creates a rich opportunity for deep, creative self-exploration. 

"Her devotion now is to primary being, the life process which breathes its inevitable course through all matter."

-Betty DeShong Meador


Authentic Movement Retreat

Topsail Island, NC 2017

August 22nd - 26th 

Dive into Authentic Movement on the beautiful white sand beaches of Topsail Island, North Carolina. The focus of the retreat will be deep exploration of Authentic Movement, with ample time to access personal and creative material in movement, practice the art of non-judgemental witnessing and sharing, and make a record of the process through writing, drawing and collage. Daily early morning yoga will be offered incorporating vinyasa and kundalini to inspire your yoga practice. Plenty of time will be left for leisurely beach walks, swimming and playing in the waves, and relaxing! 

This intimate retreat (maximum 10 people) will be held in a private beachfront home with majestic views over the Atlantic. Limited private, shared rooms, bunk and sleeping bag options are available (pictures coming soon!). Delicious meals (predominantly vegetarian and organic) and snacks are included in retreat price, (we will all share in the prep and clean-up). Massage therapy sessions will be available. Wilmington International Airport is 45 minutes away and we can provide rides. 



This multi-layered intensive workshop is intended to serve as a spiritual and practical Reset. We will work with a threefold approach; shedding anxiety and tension through Restorative yoga and developmental re-patterning, Identifying and Resolving blocks and uncovering Desire with Authentic Movement, and Re-visioning our Creative Potential through meaningful and focused Art and Writing Practices.

Follow-up Resource Sessions with Kira are available.   

Offered as 4 hour, 8 hour and weekend workshops. 

Intro to Authentic Movement 

The basics. Learn to move authentically. With your eyes closed, allow the unconscious to unfold. Experience the depth of the body's knowledge and desire. Taste freedom. Learn to be held and seen by a nonjudgemental witness and behold the reparative potential of the mover/witness relationship.

Offered as a 3 hour workshop or ongoing group class.

Deepening Authentic Movement 

Deepening in to all of the above plus diving into theory and learning tools to make the practice your own.

Offered by request, for experienced movers




Kira lives to move and has been devoted to her Authentic Movement Practice for 20 years. She has 2 half grown kids and owns and directs the Hootenanny Art House, a family art center in Brooklyn NY, with her partner. Kira teaches yoga, dance, and her passion, Authentic Movement, privately and in classes at her center, as well as in workshops around the country. She is a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist with a background in modern dance. She has an MS in Dance/Movement Therapy, an MA in Women's Spirituality, and has extensive post-graduate training in Authentic Movement and Tantric Studies. She is certified in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.